Nothing ever becomes real…. until it is experienced.

Hi…my all beautiful ladies….

To be happy in life is everyone’s desire and how can we achieve these??? we should have some goals in life:-

I think you will all agree with me, actually some people spend their entire life wondering how to be successful in life, but unable to decide it.everyone wants a peaceful life,a respectable and meaningful job, financial comfort and to do something different to achieve a name.

We should have one goal and should be very particular about it:

I believe we are the creator of God and poses some excellence,it should be your own ability to get the very best of yourselves under all diverse conditions,you have reserved a deep potential within you,needs harness and channeled to accomplish extra-ordinary things in life..

2.Set a deadline of your dreams :

As we all know,we are not mortal and have a very short life span,you have to utilise each and every second to make your dreams fulfill,you should learn from your mistakes to be extraordinary.

3.Confirm your brain about your success :

You should proceed towards your success day-by-day,scektch a pattern to be followed in your mind and you will be driven automatically towards your goal.

4.Try to overcome the most adverse situations :

 To my own experience,life is full of surprises,we are not at all aware of this,try to face new challenges and overcome it,you will gain a new confidence,”yes,you can do it”,my mom always encourages me and believe nothing is impossible,it builds your confidence for a better future.

5.Build your potential.

In my life ,I had gone through many unpredictable phases,I belongs from a middle class family with mom ,dad and my two sisters, bearing moderate values,as I am the eldest daughter, always tried to help my family financially after completing  graduation by taking tuitions,then joined a secondary school as a senior science teacher.  I had always dreamt of becoming a good teacher,time goes on,got a better opportunity of income,had received an appointment letter for the post of nurse in a reputated hospital.

                                  Time was going great but a few days back,I was shattered into peices, enclosed deeply with a toxic person,faced many difficulties mentally,leaded a meaningless life, family helped me alot,but mentally I was broken,as if my life terminated,it seemed I lost everything.

But now,i know to love myself and want to lead an honourable life,I had lost everything except my family support,I am starting from zero,now I have the courage,the potentiality to stand up once again.This is my first article, tried to share my worst phase of life with you all and it has become a passion for me…

“Life is beautiful,love it, know yourself,love yourself and embrace yourself..”

Irony of our society

Hi,it’s me ,Rubi.

Today I am here with a topic with which we are familiar almost,in this new era,a  new much talked issue has been arised “Women empowerment” but in reality are we actually empowered in our male dominated society??? Are we liberal enough to choose our own lives as we wish???? Actually we are not,we are driven by our society, driven by rituals and customs.

In the truest sense,women empowerment will be achieved only ,when there will be mental and attitudinal change in society, treating women with proper respect,dignity and equality.Its very amazing that in our country,we worship all female deities like goddess Durga, Saraswati,Laxmi but in reality our society doesn’t shows respect to real life goddess.

Even now also,if a girl child is born, parents think twice. Everybody wants a good wife,good mother,good girlfriend but if girl child is not there,how the relations may come????

In urban areas,now we can see different pictures,women are working alongside men in all spheres,they become financially independent, gained control over their lives,but while doing sorry also take care to strike a balance between their commitment to profession as well as family and home.

Now-a-days,more or less women  does not face discrimination in society,but unfortunately many faces exploitations, physical harassment,billing etc,they often subjected to rape,sexual or mental abuse.

Recently we had come across the cases of NIRVAYA and ASIFA.  Asifa ,the 8 year girl,what was her fault??? brutally gang-raped and murdered .Is it her fault that she is born as a girl???? A very shameful message for our society .

Please people wake up your attitude,your mentally not your PENIS.”